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    Computh!nk, the leading software solutions and Information technology Company in Kuwait is the Subsidiary of Sayed Hamid Behbehani & Sons, Group of Companies (S.H.B.C) was established in 1987.The Company has successfully project-managed The implementation of turnkey systems and Solutions for key enterprises in Government Sectors As well as in Private Sectors in the Kuwait market. These projects include Time attendance system , Document Management System ,ID Card System,People counting system and Access Control System both hardware and software . With top of The line products in identification, biometric & other Security solutions coupled with our in house Developed customized software backed by a team Of friendly experienced sales & support staff.This Reflects the ability of Computh!nk to address needs Of enterprises with largely different requirements. As customers demand greater expertise, more Individual attention and broader range of services We at Computh!nk understand that, increasingly Our solutions are our people.




  • Solutions

    • ID Card Printing System(DataCard)
    • Time Attendance Management System
    • Access Control System(GateSet)
    • Digital Signage System (Brightsign)
    • Kuwait ID Card Scanner (3M)
    • Wireless Presentation ( Prijector )
    • Digital Signature (TOPAZ)
    • IRIS Recognition System ( LG )

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    ID Card Printing System

    ID Card Printing System is an easy way to design, print and encode secure ID cards. The modular design of this pre-configured system Bring even more value to your desktop with the Datacard® Gropu™ card printer. Increase productivity and save work time by issuing secure, two-sided ID cards and badges with this best-in-class card printer. Ideal applications include small- to medium-sized businesses, schools, clubs and hospitals.
    Save time with automatic two-sided card printing
    Increase productivity with industry-leading print speeds
    Produce vibrant and crisp images with Datacard® TrueMatch™ printing technology.

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    Web TIMEtel
    (Time Attendance Management System)

    Web TIMEtel the ultimate in accuracy, a cost effective Time and Attendance Software.

    Web TIMEtel system’s main objective is to maintain an accurate time sheet for an organization’s employees. Available in Arabic or English .

    Web TIMEtel eliminates most of the manual procedures and creates a time sheet which is available on a weekly and or monthly basis generated for any valid date range.

    Web TIMEtel also includes general management reporting facilities which enable full utilization of data stored to carry out management tasks such as job costing.


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    Access Control System

    GATESET is a comprehensive, modular, and reliable system for access control and time management. It provides a simple solution for allowing authorized persons such as employees and visitors to move through a building or building complex with ease while keeping unauthorized persons out.
    GATESET is exceptionally well-equipped for globalization due to its scalability and networkability. It is a robust and flexible security solution that can be adapted for various market needs, such as office blocks, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, refineries, and airports. It is equally effective for indoor or outdoor environments to control access to selected areas or a complete complex.

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     Digital Signage(Bright Sign)

    BrightSign is a leading worldwide provider of digital sign media players, software & networking solutions for the commercial digital signage industry. BrightSign solid-state digital signage media players set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease-of-use and interactivity.

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    KUWAIT ID Card Scanner (3M )

    To comply with laws and protect your business from fraud, you need to quickly and accurately collect information and determine whether an ID is genuine. The 3M™ CR100 and CR5400 Double-Sided ID1 Reader checks IDs in double-time, reading the front and back simultaneously. There’s no wrong way to insert the card into the reader – all you need to do is drop it in. The color-coded LED lights provide real-time status response, and it automatically ejects the card once it has been read.


    Key Features:

    • Simple bi-directional hand-swipe operation with wide speed tolerance, requiring minimal operator training
    • Fast, accurate data capture
    • It can be integrated with any other application 
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    Meet The New Prijector

    Present Wirelessly

    Setting up presentations and demos can turn out to be a nightmare. Display Adapters, Resolution, Firewalls and Network Security policies may prevent you from setting up presentations quickly. Prijector is uniquely designed to solve all these problems.

    Prijector enables instant and wireless presentation with just a click of the 'Share' button from any laptop or mobile. It is intuitive and extremely user friendly.

    Why not have all video conferencing apps running in your meeting rooms? Just Plug a standard Webcam to Prijector USB port (We suggest Microsoft LifeCam), and make your conference room video ready. Prijector is the only device that brings all the video conferencing apps into one single device.

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    Digital Signature

    Topaz Systems provides electronic signature solutions for digital documents, including complete software, tools, intellectual property, robust hardware pad.Topaz provides electronic signature solutions for wherever business takes you®. Our customers drastically reduce cost and improve service levels and productivity by bringing signed documents into the digital era.

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    IRIS Recognition System ( eye ) 

    Iris recognition is the best of breed authentication process available today. While many mistake it for retinal scanning, iris recognition simply involves taking a picture of the iris; this picture is used solely for authentication. But what makes iris recognition the authentication system of choice?

    • Stable – the unique pattern in the human iris is formed by 10 months of age, and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime
    • Unique – the probability of two rises producing the same code is nearly impossible
    • Flexible – iris recognition technology easily integrates into existing security systems or operates as a standalone
    • Reliable – a distinctive iris pattern is not susceptible to theft, loss or compromise
    • Non-Invasive – unlike retinal screening, iris recognition is non-contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when compared to any other security alternative, from distances as far as 3″ to 10″
  • Partners

    BrigtSign ( Digital Signage )



     Free Video Conferencing in every room !

    Virdi AC 7000 Face Station & Finger ( Korean )

    TOPAZ Digital Signature (USA)

    Suprema Biostation 2 

    3M Kuwait ID Card Scanner

    LG IRIS Recognition ( Attendance & Security )

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